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Lately, I have noticed a lot of members rushing to purchase upgrades without talking to experienced members.  I’m no expert but what I have learned is that upgrading is like buying a tattoo – before you do it, make sure it is what you want and fits your intent.

If you just want to be lifted and not wheel then go for any look you prefer.  However, if you plan to wheel, you should be asking a lot of questions.

What do you need?

Make sure what you’re purchasing will be able to handle the expected wear and tear: 

  • 33’s vs. 35’s vs. 37’s
  • What size lift will be enough for the tire size you want?
  • Will you need to upgrade your gears if you go 35’s or bigger?
  • What back spacing will you need for the tire size you choose?
  • Do you need lockers in the front, rear, or both?
  • Will you be mudding, rock crawling, or both?
  • If you Mud do you have auto or manual?
  • What will happen if you go through deep water/mud if you have a manual?
  • How should you clean your vehicle after going in the Mud?
  • Who should you ask what question?

All of the above are just the start.  Don’t waste money buying upgrades that do not fit your needs only to have to replace them later.  

Who should I ask?

Some recommended people to ask:

(This is not all of them.. just the ones that I ask)

  • Kenny Corkell
  • Kristopher Thornton
  • Neil N Angie Lehto
  • Greg Wheeler
  • Ryan Mortimer
  • Mike Rapa
  • Tyler Hillcar

You can just post the question on this page, and I’m sure you will get a lot of great answers, but I prefer the answers from guys who have broken their rigs, fixed their rigs, and have wheeled the hell out of their rigs.  

We, as a club, will try to do something like this once a week. I will also ask some of these guys to pick a topic and give their suggestions.  You can also ask our sponsors directly.  Remember brand name isn’t always the best option!

Jeep life is expensive but you if you choose wisely it will save you money in the long run!!!!


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